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De-Stressing with Essential Oils

Essential Oils have a variety of uses such as boosting creativity, strengthening the immune system, and reducing stress levels. Lavender essential oils are known to reduce stress and lessen anxiety. This health benefit is a key reason why everyone should consider trying essential oils. At BCL we believe our Lavender 100% Pure Essential Oils, along with our other fragrances, can lead to not only a reduction in stress, but also a healthier overall lifestyle.

The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine published a study where subjects partook in a stressful task and those who inhaled a lavender aroma faired better than those that inhaled a placebo aroma. Lavender oil can also be found in various other products such as massage oils or herbal tea. It has health benefits that various industries are taking advantage of.

Our Lavender 100% Pure Essential Oil works in multiple ways. Our Stress Relief Essential Oil Roll-Ons, Deep Soothe Essential Oil Roll-Ons, Head Aid Essential Oil Roll-Ons, or Rest & Relax Essential Oil Roll-Ons all have lavender in them and are directly rolled onto the skin to effectively relax and de-stress the user. In addition, we also provide diffusers which simply require Essential Oil and water. The diffuser then lets out a mist which you can inhale to enjoy the benefits of the Lavender or any scented Essential Oil you wish. By using our Lavender 100% Pure Essential Oil you will reap great emotional health benefits.

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