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The Benefits of Lavender Essential Oil

The fresh, floral scent of Lavender Essential Oil is widely popular in moisturizers, body products and hair care. Lavender Essential Oil smells wonderful and promotes relaxation, but did you know that Lavender has a wide range of benefits for the mind, body and spirit?

Let’s go on a journey from the lavender fields to the tiny bottle of essential oils you hold in your hand.

The Origin of Lavender Essential Oil

Lavandula Angustifolia is a flowering plant native to Mediterranean countries including: Italy, France, Egypt, Spain, Turkey and more. Lavandula Angustifolia is a shrub with bright, evergreen leaves and a round head with gorgeous, purply-pink flowers. The Lavandula Angustifolia shrub grows upwards of 6 feet tall and as wide as the day is long.

This Lavender plant features a sweet, floral scent and powerful healing properties used frequently as an essential oil in herbal medicine, beauty treatments and teas.

Lavender Essential Oil comes from the extraction and distillation of oils found in the flower bud of the Lavender plant. This extraction only yields small volumes of oil, but the quality of the oil is very potent.

The Benefits of Lavender Essential Oil

As we mentioned above, Lavender Essential Oil provides a handful of mental, physical and spiritual benefits. Here’s a list of the top benefits and a brief description of the application:

  • Relieves Stress & Anxiety
  • Relieves Pain
  • Reduces Feelings of Depression
  • Relieves Headaches
  • Treats Respiratory Disorders

The following list does not cover all of the Lavender Essential Oil benefits, but it paints a picture of the wide-ranging benefits of this oil.

Relieves Stress & Anxiety

Lavender is popularly associated with reducing stress and anxiety in essential oil users…. rightly so!

In a study by the Journal of Phytomedicine, researchers found that Lavender Essential Oil was equally effective in treating signs of anxiety as the sedative lorazepam. The benefit: Lavender Essential Oil did not sedate the patient and there is absolutely no potential for abuse or dependence (University Health News).

Quick Tip: Fill a spray bottle half-way with distilled water and add in 12 drops of Lavender Essential Oil for a DIY rest and relaxation pillow spray.

Relieves Pain

In a 2013 study, medical researchers studied the effects of Lavender Essential Oil on the recovery process of tonsillectomy patients ages 6-12. The results? Patients in the controlled group who inhaled Lavender Essential Oils did not need to rely on the daily use of acetomenophin (Tylenol) for pain.

Both lavender aromatherapy and topical application of lavender contribute to the relief of pain in the body, which in-turn helps you to relax and unwind.

Quick Tip:  You can use our Stress Relief Essential Oil Roll-On on locations of your body that need a little TLC. Or, you can mix our Lavender Essential Oil with our Coconut Skin Care Oil for a deep tissue massage.

Reduces Feelings of Depression

A pilot study conducted on 28 women from 0-18 months postpartum revealed that the diffusion of lavender in the home for 4 weeks significantly reduced postnatal depression with minimal risk.

The uplifting aromas of Lavender Essential Oil delve deep into the body, relaxing the muscles and relieving pain, which releases negative feelings and stress pent up in the body. The less negative emotions you have, the more room you have for positivity.

Quick Tip: Diffuse Lavender Essential Oil in your living space for 4-5 hours every day to reduce feelings of depression.

Relieves Headaches

Struggle with headaches or migraines? You are one of 45 million Americans who complain of headache pain over the course of a year. Headaches can impact your day-to-day functioning making it difficult to focus at work, take care of your family, take care of yourself, run errands and more.

Lavender Essential Oil is the perfect, natural remedy to your head woes. Lavender Essential Oil is known to reduce tension and pain in the body, and the head is no exception. In a 2012 study, 47 patients with diagnosed migraine headaches were given Lavender Essential Oil for treatment. The result: inhaling Lavender was an effective means of treating migraines.

Pretty powerful stuff!

Treats Respiratory Disorders

Lavender Essential Oil is also a natural respiratory disorder treatment; the simple inhalation of Lavender can loosen phlegm and congestion stuck in the throat and chest helping to speed up the recovery process of your common cold, throat infections, asthma, bronchitis and more.

Quick Tip: Combine 5 tbsp coconut oil & 2 tbsp cocoa butter in a glass jar over boiling water; add 1 tbsp beeswax pellets to the melted mixture. Remove from heat and add 10 drops of Eucalyptus Essential Oil and 10 drops of Lavender Essential Oil. Pour the mixture into a mason jar and let cool. Now you have a DIY vapor rub!

About BCL Essential Oils

At BCL, we believe in a triad of self care for the mind, body and spirit. Caring for the mind, body and spirit allows you to return to the “essential self,” or the you that is connected to the universe and essentially good. BCL Essential Oils help you find center, creating a nourished environment to connect with the essential you.

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