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Essential Oils: What Are They and Why Should I Care?

What are essential oils?

In essence, essential oils play with the power of scent to affect our behavior on a subconscious and instinctual level. 

Certain smells can create positive feelings, behaviors, reactions and memories, which often remind us of “that time when,” “on that relaxing trip” or even “my favorite smell in the world.” 

Let us explain on a deeper level…

Have you ever taken a walk through the park on a sunny afternoon? 

The flowers are in full bloom and a light breeze dances on the leaves of the evergreen trees. You make your way through the park while scents fill your nose. The smells are so wonderful: rose, lavender, pine, sage… 

You take a deep breath and sit with the powerful smells of nature. 

It is almost as if you can feel a bouquet of roses in your arms, a handful of lavender stems in your finger tips, the stickiness of sap from a pine tree and the rough texture of a shrub of sage. Each smell launches a memory: 

… that lovely Saturday evening when your handsome date brought you a bouquet of roses just because he felt like it. 

… that time when you were a child, skipping through the bushes behind your home after school to gather supplies for your tree-house with pine tree sap soaked into the ripped knees of your jeans. 

Essential oils are concentrated versions of the scents you often find in plants. 

There are endless essential oils with endless therapeutic benefits. We have Eucalyptus Essential Oil that comes from the Eucalyptus Globulus Plant, Lime Essential Oil that comes from the Citrus Aurantifolia plant, Lavender Essential Oil that comes from the lavandula angustifolia plant and Peppermint Essential Oil that comes from the mentha peperita plant. 

The benefits of essential oils reach far and wide from mental sharpness and focus to boosting your immune system and treating sore muscles. 

Whether you prefer to use essential oils for their therapeutic benefits or you just want to surround yourself with smells that remind you of your happy place, there is an essential oil for you. 

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